5 Reasons You Need To Be Using Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover

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Painting your nails with the season's best shades is a fun way to express your style. But once that trendy hue starts to chip or you're ready for a new look, removing your nail polish properly is highly important. 

Traditional nail polish removers are replete with harsh chemicals, but luckily, the exploding popularity of clean beauty has brought about a much safer alternative - non-toxic nail polish remover.

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover

1. It’s Better For Your Health

One of the most pressing reasons to make the switch to non-toxic nail polish remover is that it's better for your overall health. Most of the traditional removers often contain ingredients like acetone, toluene, and even formaldehyde resin which can be harmful if inhaled or even absorbed over time through your nail bed.

Acetone, in particular, can cause dizziness, headaches, and nausea with repeated exposure - it’s why nail salons are supposed to have good ventilation and why the fumes can make you a little dizzy. Non-toxic formulas have been curated to remain acetone-free, granting you the peace of mind you’ll appreciate.

2. It’s Much Gentler On Your Nails

Non-toxic nail polish removers are also gentler on your actual nails and can keep them healthier over time. The powerful solvents in those traditional removers frequently dry out and weaken nails over time, and that makes them more likely to crack, split, or peel. After nail treatment, the last thing you need is damaged nails.

Non-toxic, natural formulas are made from plant-based ingredients that still effectively remove polish while being nourishing rather than harsh and drying. It’s a win-win for every user. Switching to a non-toxic remover as part of your nail care routine helps keep your nails strong, flexible, and healthy, while also limiting the harsher impact we’ve all come to expect until now.

3. Non-Toxic nail Polish Is Environmentally Friendly

It’s not just about our nail health of course, but how we contribute to the wellness of our world that counts. More people are seeking out eco-friendly personal care products, including nail polish remover, one of the least toxic options. Conventional removers often create unnecessary waste and pollution since they can't be poured down the drain.

Refreshingly, non-toxic, natural nail polish removers are biodegradable and made from renewable plant sources, so they have a much lower environmental impact and a purchase will be a vote straight from your wallet for cleaner standards in the nail industry.

4. No Harsh Chemical Smell

Perhaps one of the most unpleasant yet accepted aspects of using traditional nail polish remover is its strong, chemical odor that can be overwhelming in enclosed spaces. We’ve all had it pollute our homes, and you can never truly get used to it. It can also be unpleasant for children to be exposed.

Thankfully, non-toxic formulas are either unscented or lightly fragranced with natural, pleasant essential oils, which are often good for you. That means using a non-toxic remover can free you of those frustrating exposure headaches and look forward to painting your nails with care.

5. Non-Toxic Solutions Are Just As Effective

While being safer and gentler, you may wonder if non-toxic nail polish removers are just as effective as the common products we’ve used for years. The answer is a loud, celebratory yes! 

Premium non-toxic formulas are incredibly effective at removing even the most stubborn, long-wear polish and gel manicures, which means they can be helpful for almost any use case.

The best approach is to look for formulas made with natural, helpful solvents like ethyl acetate or isopropyl alcohol. These are often combined with nourishing oils and vitamin E, meaning such plant-based ingredients can quickly break down polish without being overly harsh or drying to your nails or the nail bed itself.

Take Care of Your Nails with Liberation Nails Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover

We believe your nails are an extension of your overall health, so you should treat them with the best and most caring approach you can. That's why at Liberation Nails, we've created a 21-free nail polish remover that is just as effective as traditional removers but infinitely better for you.

Our nail polish removers are made with ethyl acetate derived from natural sources to gently yet thoroughly dissolve polish. Moreover, we fortify our solutions with moisturizing vitamin E, so your nails and cuticles are left feeling soft rather than stripped and damaged. We also choose the best fragrances, for example, our subtle natural botanical scent is soothing to the senses.

So, don't settle for potentially harmful chemicals or overwhelming fumes in your household. With us, you can make the healthy switch to our clean, plant-powered nail polish remover and experience the Liberation Nails mission in full form. Your nails will thank you!

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