How To Keep Your Nail Polish From Chipping

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Nail polish is an excellent way to express your fashion taste while appearing well-put-together. However, why do some nail polishes chip earlier than expected, making your fingers look ungroomed? Thankfully, several modern techniques and practices help make your nail polish pop. 

Practical Tips on How to Keep Your Nail Polish From Chipping

Prepare Your Nails Properly

You might have seen many beauty blogs discuss makeup and how facial skin must be well-prepped before any application. It is the same for your nails before any polish application. It is the foundational step that ensures a long-lasting nail polish you will be happy to see on your fingers and toes. A proper foundation involves shaping and filing your nails before the polish application begins. As part of the preparation method, it’s important to cleanse, moisturize, buff, and smooth your nails, as highlighted below:


Your nail polish will look dull and far from glamorous if you fail to remove any old application on the nail bed. Nail polish doesn’t adhere to an oily nail bed so it’s also important to cleanse well before applying your nail polish to ensure you have removed all the oil from your nails. 

Buff And Smooth

The buffer is used to smooth out your nails’ surfaces and to get rid of any irregularities that might have been caused by filing the edges. This is the main thing that provides a better canvas for the nail polish application. However, do not get too excited with buffing because it can weaken the nail bed if done excessively. People who over-buffer say it makes the nails’ surface extra sensitive and uncomfortable.

Choose The Right Nail Polish

Usually, you would choose your concealer, foundation, and loose face powder based on your skin tone and quality. The same principle applies to your nails, especially when choosing the right nail polish. You must consider the nature of your nails and their sensitivity to help you choose the right nail polish. It is one essential way to achieve long-lasting results. Admittedly, not all nail polish is created equal, so you must know what you’re looking for, and particularly something you wouldn’t react to. For example, formaldehyde resin is a chemical you may want to avoid in nail polish because of the increased reaction risk.

Opt For A Long-Lasting Formula

You will find long-lasting nail polish with a little internet search. The first tip is to look for certain inscriptions like ‘long-lasting’ and ‘no chip’ on the product labels. Sometimes, nail polish with the ‘gel’ inscription makes better finishes and has some of the best-staying power. Read online reviews about your desired product if unsure about the formula and its staying power. It pays to be better safe than sorry.

Apply A Base Coat

A base coat acts as a protective barrier between your nail and the polish. More importantly, it is applied to further strengthen the nail’s surface and provide a better hold for the nail polish. A good base coat helps prevent staining and chipping during the nail polish application.

Master The Art of Nail Polish Application

Have you ever tried applying nail polish to have it running all over your fingers? It never seems confined to the nail’s corners as the beauty studio does. The first thing that comes to mind is mastery and finesse. Beauty studios have the experience, skill, and right training to create beautiful nails. However, that shouldn’t deter you from mastering the art of applying nail polish. Here are some ways to master the technique.

Start With Thin Layers

Start the application with a thin, even layer to avoid smudging. You risk creating surface bubbles when you begin the application with thick spreads. It takes fluid hand and wrist movements to get this right, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. 

Seal The Edges

Do you usually apply your nail polish on the surface in long strokes only? If yes, it may be why they end up chipping in no time. The recommended way is to seal the edges of your nails, including the tips. Carefully swipe the polish brush along your nail’s edges and the tips with fluid movements to get even spreads on these areas. Don’t worry; you’ll get a hang of it quickly.

Apply The Top Coat

The top coat is usually a high-quality nail polish to add extra shine and strength to your done and colored nails. The tip is to reapply the top coat every few days to maintain the glossy and fresh appearance of your nails. Add our Dry + Dash Instant Drying Drops for quick, no-smudge protection.

Keep Your Nails From Chipping With Long Lasting Non-Toxic Nail Polish

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