2024 Nail Trend Forecast

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Every year we get excited about the newest beauty trends on the horizon for the new year. If there's one thing that flourished in 2023 compared to all other beauty trends, it was nail art. This nail art paved the way for 2024 to be even more creative and exciting given everybody diving into at-home manicures.

2024 Nail Trends

In 2024, nail art is going to be less and less common. As much as we can love artistic manicures, the maximalist vibe is not as popular as it was in the beginning of 2023. We need something easy and simple rather than a stacked, bedazzled manicure, so we're looking at things like French tips and dotted florals for 2024. 

Metallic nails

An exciting trend for spring 2024 is metallic nails. Chrome nails have been big on the runway, and metallic is coming around again this year. People can go as sheer as they would like with their nails, or they can go for a glazed donut look. For a fun shimmery silver, check out Disco Salvation.

Micro French Tips

Who doesn't love a good French manicure? French tips are always going to stay in style, but you can see a twist on the modern take of that traditional look. Micro French tips are a minimalist stream. You can add visual interest or a little bit of color to any length of nail, and instead of having a thicker tip, you create a skinny line at the tip of the nail with your chosen color. Make it even more interesting by using a color like Blackbird or Temple on the tip. 

Naked French Tips

On the subject of French tips, we're also looking at naked ones. French manicures have made a real surge over the last year, which means that 2024 is going to be full of naked French tips everywhere, in every nail salon. It makes it look like the nail is as natural as possible while covering any imperfections. That mix of diffused French and your natural nails is going to look fantastic in the new year. Use one coat of a neutral color like Darling for the base and a soft white for the tip like Lightworker to achieve this muted pretty manicure look. 

Junk Nails

While you may not want the bedazzled look, junk nails are really making a big comeback. It's a captivating infusion of 3D elements like beads, glitter, and rhinestones to create eccentric nail art. It's a fusion of vibrant hues like Chroma, Sunroom and Arrival, and it's going to make a big difference to the way that your nails look this year. 

Added Decals

You may have seen nail stickers before, but rhinestones on a sheer shimmery base in the form of crystal decals makes a big difference for a bolder look. It's simple but stunning, and it's an ethereal look that's often inspired by mermaids. Mermaidcore for beauty and makeup is not going anywhere, so instead it's infiltrating the nail art world. Use a color like Disco Salvation to achieve this look. 

Accented Fresh Pastels

Fresh pastel nails are not going anywhere, but orange ice is making a huge debut this year. It's a brighter, more tangerine looking hue that evokes that chilled creamsicle or ripe cantaloupe color like Goodyear. It's a warm, bright color and makes a big difference to how your nails look and make you feel. There are plenty of spring looks that pair well with those fresh pastels, but those brighter oranges are really coming through.

Geometric shapes

Lastly, another trend for 2024 is exactly what you want to see: geometric shapes. We've seen this in nail design for years now, but we're looking at a return to geometrics this year. Graphic patterns with squiggles and waves are always going to be popular, and you're going to see them ramp up among nail salons around the world. 

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