Nail the Date Night: Valentine's Day Manicure Inspiration

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What’s a better way to get in the Valentine spirit than with a freshly done manicure? It might be the season to show love to others but don’t forget to show love to yourself too. Nothing spruces up your confidence more than a well-done manicure. Here are a few ideas to inspire your Valentine’s Day Manicure.

Ace of Hearts

If you’re still waiting on Cupid’s strike, perhaps an Ace of Hearts manicure design will help attract that special someone. After all, finding the perfect love has a hint of luck in it, and you just might feel lucky this year with this nail design. Go for classic red nail polish, like Looker, and create tiny heart designs that mimic a deck of cards. 

Artsy Hearts

Why not try an artsy, hearty design? Maintain a playful twist by creating tiny hearts on your nails. And since you want to be playful, consider using a natural, nude color for your background and alternate pinks like Joyful Heart and Chroma for simple and tiny hearts.

Simple Solids

There’s nothing wrong with going bold and simple this year, especially if you prefer a cleaner and more sophisticated look without extra designs. You can go with simple, solid colors, and there are loads of options to pick from. For example, you can choose a deep red to pull off an elegant look or go bold with something more Nude. Consider experimenting with a Darling shade to create a ‘chic’ appeal while looking elegant. 

Red French Tips

You probably know that red and pink have become the unofficial Valentine’s Day and February nail colors. So, spice up your nails by combining these two colors or alternating between them to create a cute design theme. For example, you can go for a pink or red layer at the tip of your French manicure instead of the traditional white tip. Use a red color shade like Arrival to add a touch of delicateness to the design.

Mini Hearts

Hearts are the number one shape for the Valentine, and you can incorporate them into your nail design without doing too much. Pick a solid white nail background color and paint one mini heart on each nail, close to your cuticles. For better contrast (and since red is the color of the season), go for any shade of red on a brighter or lighter background. White, for example, can do the trick, especially if you opt for a Light Worker shade. But you can use any other lighter color you prefer. 

Regardless of what combo you use, please choose a non-toxic nail polish without any dangerous chemicals. You want to look good for Valentine’s Day, but you want to feel good as well.

Create Your Ideal Valentine’s Day Manicure With Non-Toxic Nail Polish From Liberation Nails

Regardless of the manicure trend, design, or theme you want to use, it’s best to use non-toxic nail polish so you don’t expose yourself to dangerous chemicals. Liberation Nails is well-stocked with vegan, long-wearing options, free from mutagens, carcinogens, phthalates, parabens, and other toxic ingredients. Plus, there are nail polish options available in almost any color and shade you can imagine. 

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