Liberation Nails' Non-Toxic Nail Care Routine: Step-by-Step Guide to Healthy Nails

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Whether you paint your nails regularly or prefer going au natural, you still have to put a certain amount of effort into keeping your nails healthy. Our non-toxic nail care routine involves more than just using non-toxic nail polish.

7 Steps to Keeping Your Nails Healthy

What it takes to have healthy, natural nails can be condensed into the following steps:

  1. Moisturize
  2. Replace nail care products regularly.
  3. Protect your hands.
  4. Use nail polish remover.
  5. Choose a strong nail shape.
  6.  Use cuticle oil & nail strengthener.
  7. Avoid gel nail polish.

This nail care regimen echoes the recent advice found on, Camila Coelho, and our own website.

In our article on the pros of choosing non-toxic nail care products, we discuss the advantages of avoiding acetone and gel polish and committing to the healthier, greener alternatives offered by our 21-free nail care company. The non-toxic nail care routine is not very different from a typical nail care routine; it just involves making healthier product choices.

The Liberation Nails Non-Toxic Nail Care Routine

1. Commit to non-toxic nail care.

The chemicals you use in your nail products affect your health and the health of our planet. You’ll find 3, 5, 8, and 10-free nail polish on most cosmetic store shelves. These nail polishes are free of some of the harmful chemicals typically found in nail care products, like parabens, formaldehyde, and toluene. These chemicals are known to cause pollution and health problems, and many have already been banned in Europe.

Liberation Nails offers 21-free nail polish, meaning we refuse to incorporate twenty-one toxic or harmful substances in our products. For a complete list of the ingredients we avoid, click here.

2. Hydration is key.

Find an allergen-free hand moisturizer. Like those found in tubs, the heavier weight creams tend to lock in moisture best. Pay special attention to your cuticles by incorporating cuticle recovery oil into your regular nail care routine.

Our award-winning In Good Hands cuticle oil is non-toxic and vegan and made with natural ingredients that are intensely moisturizing, like avocado and apricot oils.

3. Keep your non-toxic nail care products fresh.

One of the most important things you can do in your nail care regimen is replace your nail file every few months or when the grit is becoming noticeably worn.

If you use cuticle oil daily (which we recommend for the best effect), chances are you won’t use the bottle before it expires. However, keep an eye on your nail products and the labeled expiration dates to ensure you always use fresh, effective products.

4. Wear gloves.

It’s essential to wear gloves when cleaning and during the winter. Whether you use natural cleaners or more potent chemicals, scrubbing can take a toll on the skin–especially when washing dishes. The same is true of winter weather. Cold wind can cause dry, chapped skin and more fragile nails.

Wearing gloves when you know you’ll be exposing your hands to harsh conditions can make a significant impact on your overall nail health.

5. File correctly.

It’s so tempting to saw back and forth when filing nails, but filing in one direction prevents splitting. The shape of your nail matters, too. An oval shape will give your nails the most strength.

6. Avoid acetone and gel nail polish.

Gel nail polish takes a significant toll on fingernail health. There is no breathability, and it takes a massive amount of harsh acetone to remove the polish, resulting in weaker nails. Nail professionals recommend taking breaks between gel manicures to give your nails a chance to recover.

If you use a non-toxic nail polish that is gentler and more breathable, then you don’t need to take breaks or use acetone to remove the polish. Our Time for a Change nail polish remover uses ingredients like Frankincense and Abyssinian oil to nourish nails while removing polish.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish and Nail Care Are Vital Components of Overall Health

Nails may be small, but how you take care of them matters. If your skin and cuticles become dry and cracked, the experience is painful and leaves you vulnerable to infection. Keeping your nails clean and moisturized keeps them strong, and using products with healthy, eco-friendly ingredients keeps you healthy.

We also love our nails because they allow us to express ourselves through color. Be discerning about the type of nail polish you use. Liberation Nails offers non-toxic nail polish with bold, long-lasting colors for children and adults.

Learn more about non-toxic nail products from Liberation Nails and begin your own non-toxic nail regimen by browsing our online store.

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