How Can Nail Color Affect Your Mood?

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Color psychology is the idea that colors can affect your mood and behavior. Ancient Egyptians utilized “color cures,” but it wasn’t until about two hundred years ago that it became an accepted field of study.

But you probably don’t need Sir Isaac Newton or Carl Jung to tell you that different colors make you feel different things. Isn’t that why everyone has a favorite color? You have one that makes you feel happy, calm, or bold — maybe even a color that makes you feel the opposite.

Liberation Nails has bright, vibrant colors as well as muted nudes and pastels, so we can keep everyone in our non-toxic nail squad happy. So, let's explore how nail color can affect your mood based on the different colors.

Which nail color reflects your desired mood? How can nail color affect your mood?

Do you want to feel calm? Maybe powerful? Actual change comes from within, but a change in nail color can help get you started.

Red = Passionate

If you want to feel bold, dangerous, and flirtatious, the London Image Institute recommends red. The experts at LII are careful to mention that a little goes a long way when it comes to this bold color choice. What better place to add that pop of color than on your nails?

Liberation Nails has two shades of red nail polish: the cool-toned Looker and punchy Arrival.

Yellow = Energized

Ditch the negativity and take the first step to feeling joyful and optimistic by painting your nails bright, sunshiny yellow. Oberlo points out that popular brands like IKEA and Ferrari use yellow in their logos. After all, what could create a summertime feeling better than a fast car or fresh home décor?

Liberation Nails has two shades of yellow nail polish: the bright Sunroom and golden-hued Golden Hour.

Green = Connected

Green can help you feel more connected to the natural world. Of course, the color sometimes evokes feelings of jealousy, so if you’re trying to get over an ex, you might want to opt for something else. The website describes green as promoting healing and relaxation. After all, green spaces are usually where we find all our basic necessities: food, water, and shelter.

Liberation Nails has three shades of green nail polish: the soft Self-Soothe, cool Earth Sign, and deeper Crowdfund.

Blue = Serene

If you need calm, soothing energy in your life, then choose a light blue nail color. Very Well Mind points out that people are more productive when working in painted blue rooms. The color blue can invoke a calming, relaxing feeling, and instill a sense of reliability. The next time you need some help staying calm and focused, paint your nails a shade of blue and reap the benefits.

Liberation Nails has three shades of blue nail polish: pastel Infinite Ceiling, cool Indigo Child, and periwinkle Surrender.

Purple = Creative

There is more than one way to be bold, and if you need an extra push to bring out your creative side, purple is an excellent choice. Light purple can also have a calming effect similar to light blue. Inspiration is Purple describes the color as a true mix of red and blue: powerful and calming, allowing creativity to flow.

Liberation Nails has one shade of purple nail polish: the bold and beautiful 4th Dimension.

Choose a color that makes you happy from a nail color brand that makes the planet happy

There are plenty of nail polish colors we didn’t get to mention here. You could choose Gilded Mystic (gold) for success, Astrologic (gray) for balance, and Joyful Heart (pink) for playfulness. Ultimately, the perfect nail color choice will always be what makes you feel good.

When you purchase nail color from Liberation Nails, you’ll keep feeling good for a long time, thanks to our 21-free, vegan formula. We refuse to put harmful components in our nail polish and never test on animals.

The Earth will thank you, too. Because we use as many natural ingredients as possible, Liberation Nails doesn’t harm the environment with harmful chemicals like parabens and phthalates. We use sustainable packaging whenever possible (Check out our refillable nail polish remover!).

Looking for a nail polish brand with colors that suit your mood?

Liberation Nails has more than twenty-five shades, plus another eight colors designed just for kids! You can easily find a color to help you affect your mood. And, if you have trouble choosing just one color, you can always save on three or more with a bundle.

Browse our online shop to find your new favorite non-toxic nail polish color today.

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