Why Your Nails Might Be the Key to Personal Transformation

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Nail care may seem like a minor thing. You’re late in the morning or tired at night, and you say: I don’t have time to do my nails. It’s not that big of a deal. You may be making the right choice for your mental health that day, or you may be overlooking a minor change that can make a big difference.

Don’t underestimate the power of a non-toxic nail routine when looking to improve self-esteem or the impact you make in the world. Your nails could be the key to an easy mental boost — and maybe even a personal transformation.

How do I love me? Let me count the ways

It’s what’s on the inside that counts — but make sure the outside reflects those unique qualities, even if it’s in a small way. Showing your nails some love is an excellent opportunity to make an understated impression on others and remind yourself how beautiful you are whenever your fingers or toes come into view.

Nail Care is Self-Care

Notice that we’re focusing on nail care and not necessarily nail polish. We want you to take care of your nails before painting them.

Our In Good Hands Cuticle Recovery Oil is made with avocado, cottonseed, pomegranate, apricot kernel, and acai fruit oils. Besides smelling amazing, it’s also easy to use; just massage a small amount onto your cuticles daily.

This all-natural, nourishing cuticle oil won the 2022 Innovation Award for nail product of the year. Treat yourself to a small indulgence that takes just a moment of your time and will leave you feeling fantastic.

Nail Care Lets You Start Small

Moisturizing your nails allows you to take a tiny step to start feeling more confident immediately. Believe it or not, nail color offers the same opportunity.

There is an interesting trend in the mani-pedi world: accent nails. It is perfectly acceptable to paint just one or two nails and call your nail makeover a success. You really can do something as small as painting one nail to remind yourself that you are worthy of some color in your life.

With nail polish, it doesn’t have to be “Go big or go home.” It can be, “Go small, and feel great.

Nail Color Affects How You Feel

Did you know that there is an entire field of study called Color Psychology? It theorizes that the colors you surround yourself with impact your attitude. (See our article on how color affects mood.)

For example, red might communicate passion to your subconscious, while blue has a calming effect, and purple can boost creativity. Whether you believe in color psychology or not, some nail colors probably make you feel happier than others.

Nail Care Positively Impacts Everyone

When you do good, you feel good. Every time you choose a non-toxic or sustainable product over an eco-unfriendly product, you’ll hold your head a little higher. Liberation Nails ships in compostable materials, uses recyclable containers, and incorporates natural ingredients.

How important are sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity to our company?

Liberation Nails has a 21-free formula which means you aren’t putting parabens, animal products, formaldehyde, etc., anywhere near your body. (Good news for you.)

Our nail polish is cruelty-free. (Good news for the animals.)

We offer a reusable dispenser for nail polish remover, and the refills come in recyclable glass containers. In fact, all our products come in recyclable containers. (Good news for the environment.)

At Liberation Nails, we value inclusivity. No matter your age, gender, or skin color, we are honored to have you don our non-toxic and absolutely fabulous (if we do say so ourselves) nail colors. (Good news for everyone.)

Make Liberation Nails the First Stop on Your Journey to Personal Transformation

As Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “Every journey begins with a single step.

If you want to change your life but need help figuring out where to start, start small. Grab this bundle that includes our cuticle recovery oil, two nail polish colors of your choice, nail polish remover, and base coat at a discount. Then, do as much or as little as you’d like.

Start with the cuticle recovery oil. Paint one fingernail. Paint them all. Paint one toenail. Paint them all. However you choose to take your steps, we know one thing for sure: Your new nail care routine will be the start of something amazing for your personal transformation.

Browse our online store to find a color that speaks to the new you.

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