3 Ways Kids’ Nail Polish Can Help Children Express Themselves

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Every child is born with a spark, and your job as a parent, guardian, or meaningful presence is to ensure you nurture that spark. A very simple way to do this is by giving your child the space, freedom, and tools for self-expression. One of these tools can be as small as non-toxic nail polish.

Your child, whether five or fifteen, is trying to figure out their own personal style. You may find your son or daughter is experimenting with fashion as a way to express themselves. 

This journey of self-discovery starts early, and you can choose to help your child navigate this path with a cleaner line of products.

You may be wondering if nail polish really makes a difference. Keep reading to find out how something so small can impact your child’s confidence.

How Can Kids’ Nail Polish Foster My Child’s Self-Expression?

1. Nail polish gives your child decision-making experience.

Kids are always being told what to do and what not to do. Choosing nail polish may seem like a minor decision to us, but have you ever offered M&Ms or gummy bears to a three-year-old? They will spend five minutes choosing which one to eat.

They act as if it’s the most important decision they’ve ever made—because it is.

In a world run by adults, offering your child the chance to choose a treat, pick their clothes, or decide which direction to go for on a walk, and—yes—choosing a nail polish color means the world to them. As a recent Astral Academy newsletter points out, even small decisions will teach your child abilities, like accountability, independence, and confidence, that will benefit them later in life.

We have eight different nail polish colors designed just for kids in our online store, so they will have plenty–but not too many–to choose from.

2. Nail polish helps your child explore their feelings.

We’ve discussed how nail color can help adults express themselves and affect mood. You can pass this wisdom on to your children. If your son or daughter needs a mood boost, they may enjoy the hot pink Bright Light or the sunny yellow High Spirits.

Libbi Kids includes all the colors of the rainbow—and we have yet to meet a kid who wouldn’t adore a rainbow manicure.

Nail polish is an art form. Let your child decide which bold shade represents their feelings.

3. Nail polish develops trust.

Letting your child make a choice demonstrates trust. An Upbility article describes the importance of parents when fostering healthy self-esteem and how this requires a balance of support and independence.

If your child is young, this can be as simple as choosing the nail color. If they are older, this could translate to letting them paint their own nails. Remember that support is critical. If they mess up, use it as an opportunity to teach the value of determination and learning from mistakes. Trust them to learn from their mistakes.

Take it a step further by inviting your child to paint your nails.

Libbi Kids is a non-toxic line of children’s nail polish, so even if the nail polish isn’t mess-free, it is worry-free.

At What Age Can I Start Painting My Child's Nails?

Mom Junction has an excellent article on how to know when the time is right to paint your child’s nails. The two main pieces of advice are: 1) wait until they’re done sucking on thumbs and fingers, and 2) use non-toxic nail polish. Kids are usually done sticking their hands in their mouths between the ages of two and four. 

Let Your Children Express Themselves With Liberation Nails

Libbi Kids nail polish by Liberation Nails is designed for smaller hands and comes in a variety of vibrant, kid-friendly colors. As with all our nail polish, Libbi Kids is vegan, cruelty-free, 21-free, and sustainable.

Of course, it’s extra special when your child is old enough to be an involved participant in the manicure or pedicure. It’s one reason we developed the Big-Little Bundle. Get a discount on one adult nail polish and one children’s nail polish, and let the bonding (and self-expression) begin!

Visit our online store to browse our non-toxic nail colors for children and adults.

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