Be Bold: The Stylish Way to Wear Black Nail Polish

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When it comes to creating a stylish look with your nail polish, black is always a solid fan favorite. Whether you’re going for an edgy look or want to create the little black dress of nail polish, black nail polish is a classic. But why is it so popular, and what are the best ways of wearing it?

Why is black nail polish so popular?

Before we dive into why it’s a popular nail polish color, we thought it would be a nice nod to history to mention that black was a color worn by the royals and the elite. In ancient Egypt, black was always seen as a color of power and strength, and because of that, black nail polish has become a statement color for fashion-forward thinkers.

However, one of the main reasons black nail polish is so popular is because it’s so versatile. It can be used as a chic, minimalist vibe or can be completely switched up to give more of an edgy feel. And it’s a color that goes with everything, so if you constantly switch up your wardrobe, your nails will always look flawless.

Different ways of wearing black nail polish

The great thing about black nail polish is that there are so many things you can do with it. Sure, you can wear it straight out of the bottle and still have an incredible-looking manicure, but what else could you do with it?

Matte black nail polish

Choosing a matte finish with your black nail polish adds depth to your manicure, especially if you choose to paint your base with a matte black and then add glossy details on the top.

Glossy black manicure

Glossy black nail polish can be paired with matte polish, or it can be worn alone to give an almost glassy black look to your manicure.

Sparkly black nail color

Every girl loves a good sparkle on their nails, and black isn’t an exception. Whether it’s a solid black with a sparkly finishing coat or it’s paired with other colors, it always looks sensational.

The great thing about black nail polish is that it doesn’t have to be worn on its own as a solid color, as it can be paired with neutrals, pastels, or even neon colors for an incredible finish.

Does black nail polish suit everyone?

In short, yes. It doesn’t matter what kind of skin tone you have! If you’ve got fairer skin, black nail polish can create a striking contrast and stand out. But, if you’ve got a darker complexion, you can also use black nail polish to get that perfect sleek look. Pair that with a monochromatic top layer and you’ll be rocking the day like Rhianna.

What is the best way of applying black nail polish?

While black is an extremely popular color when it comes to nail polish, some people are put off by the fact it can leave their nails and skin stained. So what’s the best way of applying black nail polish to avoid this from happening?

Use a quality base coat

The first thing you need to do when applying black nail polish is to find a quality base coat. This will help prevent the black from staining your nails and also create a smoother application. You could use our Double Star base and top coat to help you get the perfect base and finish.

Seal everything in with a decent top coat

Once you’ve applied a few layers, seal everything in with a decent top coat. This will help prevent your nails from chipping. If you do want a shiny finish, consider finishing with our Shine On protective high gloss finish.

Choose the right nail polish remover

If it’s time to remove your nail polish, it’s important to remove it correctly. Instead of using a toxic acetone-based remover, try out our gentle Time for a Change nail polish remover.

Paint your nails black with Liberation Nails Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Here at Liberation Nails, we know that black nail polish is more than just a color. That’s why we created a line of non toxic nail polish so that women and men all over the world can enjoy flawless looking nails without the harmful ingredients.

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