Why You Should Bring Your Own Non-Toxic Nail Polish to the Nail Salon

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Switching to non-toxic nail care doesn’t mean foregoing the finer things in life, like getting pampered at the nail salon; it just means taking a stand and choosing products that make you feel comfortable, confident, and healthy.

Next time you want a mani-pedi, bring Liberation Nails nail polish with you.

You might not have realized until this moment that you can bring your own nail polish, but most salons won’t mind. Why should they? If anything, you’re saving them time and money, and you’re sure to love the color when the manicure is done.

Don’t expect them to give you a discount on your manicure because you aren’t using their supplies. While that would be nice, you shouldn’t BYOP to save money; you should do it for your health. And who knows — maybe you’ll inspire someone else to do the same!

There are a few reasons why you want your own non-toxic nail polish at the nail salon

Some people will bring their own polish because they’re picky. There is nothing wrong with that! You’re paying for a service, and you know what you like. Be assertive and own it.

However, if you’re on the fence, several health-and-safety reasons might help tip the scale.

1. You’re sharing nail polish

When you visit a nail salon, they don’t open a new nail polish bottle for each customer. That means the brush on your nails has touched several nails before yours. If you’re going to a reputable salon, the tech should cleanse your hands and the hands of every other customer. Your comfort level depends on how much you trust your tech.

If you place your faith in the wrong tech, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to bacteria and fungi.

Most sources will tell you that nail polish isn’t microbe-friendly, meaning that bacteria probably won’t survive in the conditions most nail polish provides. However, the same sources also say that any nail polish brush encountering an unhealthy nail plate should be thrown away.

Again, it begs the question: how well do you know and trust your tech?

2. You can’t be sure of the quality

Some salons dilute nail polish with nail polish remover. They may do this to save money and make it last longer, or they may do it to thin out older nail polish. Whatever the reason, this practice affects the quality of the nail polish and, therefore, the quality of your manicure.

You can be sure your nail polish won’t be prone to chipping, peeling, or lifting by using a brand you trust and know hasn’t been diluted.

3. The nail polish may not be 21-free

The non-toxic nail care trend is catching on, but, to many, it remains just that: a trend. Because of this, you’ll find many nail salons that offer “non-toxic” nail polish options. That means you may find a salon that offers 3-free, 5-free, or 10-free nail polish options — but very few are likely to have high-quality 21-free nail polish. Most will probably continue recommending the more expensive gel manicures.

If you’re spending money getting your nails done, don’t skimp on the nail polish. Make sure you have your nails done with a polish that aligns with your ideals and supports your health.

Practice self-care without compromising your values

There are so many things to worry about in this life. What are we exposing ourselves to? Our loved ones? Our world?

Going to the nail salon is an opportunity to take a break, take a breath, and let someone else take care of you. Don’t give that up. Just make sure you take every precaution to ensure you have the healthiest manicure possible.

Order your favorite Liberation Nails non-toxic nail polish in time for your next salon visit

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Liberation Nails is free of 21 harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, phthalates, benzene, animal derivatives, synthetic fragrances, and more. Our products are vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable, and, of course, non-toxic.

Taking your own non-toxic, 21-free nail polish to the nail salon will make the experience even better. Browse our bundles (and save a bundle) by visiting our online store.

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